Innovative and unique is in our nature. With the combination of the best natural ingredients and the smartest scientists, you will find the most extraordinary organic oral care products.

Or better said... Super + of course.

The Cosmos Organic toothpastes are Ecocert certified

COSMOS is based on ingredients from organic farming, the use of production techniques that are ecologically sound and safe for humans. The Cosmos Organic toothpastes are completely organic and the absolute top in natural tooth care.

Green Line toothpastes and mouth foam

The Green Line toothpastes and mouth foam are enriched with organic herbs. Works refreshing and helps with sensitive teeth. Contains up to 99% natural ingredients.

The Expert Solution toothpastes

The Expert Solution toothpastes contain natural ingredients that in combination with the latest scientific discoveries result in surprisingly modern toothpastes. They work Extra care, reaffirming or whitening. Contains up to 99% natural ingredients.


Have you ECODENTA already?


Created by nature, perfected by science

ECODENTA is a special brand of oral care, in which organically grown herbs are combined with scientific discoveries from pharmacy. This in order to tackle the most common oral problems preventively and effectively, both with and without fluoride.

With a view to innovation and the power of natural ingredients, ECODENTA offers a total assortment of oral care products with unique formulas. Oral care that fits your personal situation, age and teeth, both toothpastes and mouth water. Try Now

The Organic Line with Ecocert and Vegan certified toothpastes and Mouthwash
The Expert Line Innovation in the field of oral care
The Green Line with herbs in the lead role and a fruity toothpaste for children

Developed by qualified experts

Our products are developed and produced by qualified personnel. In consultation with universities and professional dentists.
ECODENTA is available at: ETOS, DA/DIO, G &Amp; W, Holland And Barrett, The Online drugstore, Everything For Your teeth, dental square,